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We can provide corporate entertainment in Greater Manchester and other areas of the UK.






We are a small agency who specialise in providing quality entertainment and entertainers for any corporate event, wedding or party. We are not the usual type of agency site where we act as a middle man between you and the musician or entertainer. All you have to do is browse the site for an artiste and fill in their form or email them to get a quote. You will then be contacted directly by the musician or entertainer and you’ll be able to make your arrangements on a one to one basis.

We provide acts and entertainment that are a little bit different from the norm. Our aim is to provide quality entertainment solutions for any wedding, party or event in the UK.The site features acts who will travel to Greater Manchester – but many of the entertainers will travel further afield to other areas of the UK.

We do not allow musicians and entertainers to just put their information on our site unless we have seen them at work; can vouch for their credibility and trust them as artistes who can perform at a professional level. We also need to know whether they are people who can be relied upon to turn up on time and behave in a responsible manner.

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Corporate entertainment in Greater Manchester and other areas of the UK.

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